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Autumn 2021







Hi Reception!

I'm sorry that this academic year has come to an end like this but I'm glad that we will be reunited on Friday 23rd July! 

Learning will be posted here for you to support your child with. Any written tasks that are set can be completed in a notebook. If you would like a lined book to write in, squared book for maths or plain book for drawings/ mark making, please contact the school office who can arrange for you to come and collect. 

Hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing you on Friday 23rd July!

Miss Malcolm



Fine Motor Skills: Ideas for home learning

Use this video to help you develop your fine motor skills. This will help you with your handwriting.

fine motor skills challenge cards

more fine motor skills activity cards


Here's something fun for you to do at home. Click below to view the recipe!

Crumpet pizza


Daily Learning 

Click on the tabs below to view and recap all of the Set 2 sounds

Thursday 21st Jan: 'oy' sound

Wednesday 20th Jan: 'ou' sound

Tuesday 19th Jan: 'ir' sound

Monday 18th Jan: 'air' sound

Friday 15th Jan: 'or' sound

Thursday 14th Jan: 'ar' sound 

Updated : Wednesday 13th Jan: 'oo' (look at a book) sound

Wednesday 13th Jan: 'oo' (look at a book)  sound

Tuesday 12th Jan: 'oo' sound

Monday 11th Jan: 'ow' sound

Friday 8th Jan: 'igh' sound

Thursday 7th Jan: 'ee' sound

Wednesday 6th Jan: 'ay' sound

Here are some fun ways to remember Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds

Set 1 and 2 sounds

Set 3 sounds

Click on the tab below to view the sounds you will be focussing on. 

RWI handwriting  


Your learning for maths is on 'Shape and Pattern '.   



Visit the BBC Bitesize and Topmarks website for some fun extra maths activities!




Click on the Oxford Owl icon to access the free eBook library for extra reading.



You can also have a go at these fun free reading games. Click on the icon below.


Visit these links to have a go at some games from the CBeebies website. 





Join in with Cosmic Yoga for kids

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Get moving and dance to endless amounts of familiar songs on GoNoodle- Sign up for free! 

Here are some free PSHE home learning activities for you to have a go at. Click on the tab below.

Sending Us Your Learning

We love to see how you're getting on with your home learning so please keep using the Learning Book app/website (linked above). You could also ask the teacher for some help if you're finding something tricky!  

Send your question to; make it clear which teacher the question is for and it will get to us.