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Bourne Primary School

Bourne Primary School

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Meet our Governors

Nisha Sankrecha - Parent Governor

I have lived in Ruislip for over 10 years and have recently become part of the governance team at Bourne Primary School. As a learning professional I understand the importance of continual improvement and the impact of early education. In my day job I support individuals and the wider business in creating relevant and sustainable learning solutions. Whilst I largely work with professionals, as a parent myself I realise that learning looks very different in the early years and I am keen to explore how young people are taken through their respective journey. As such being a school governor seemed to be a fitting opportunity where I can use my knowledge and experience to serve my local school whilst learn something myself!

Elizabeth Foote - Local Authority Governor

I was born and raised in Ruislip, and went to Bishop Winnington Ingram Primary school. My husband and I moved back to the area three years ago. As a parent myself, I am passionate about the importance of education, and supporting our schools, which is why I became a school governor. In my work as a management consultant, across both private and public sectors, I focus on strategy, organisational change and talent issues. As part of this, I conduct research into the future of work, and the skills that will be required in the workplace going forward – which the schooling system plays such a fundamental role in shaping from the early years onwards. In my early career, I was a university teaching fellow at London School of Economics and Harvard, as well as an academic advisor, teaching economics and mentoring students who were transitioning from the schooling system into the workplace. I saw the difference it makes if students have an inherent ‘love of learning’ and the confidence to be an independent thinker. I feel privileged to be working alongside a team of Staff and Governors who are dedicated to helping Bourne pupils develop this love and confidence, and to reach their full potential.

Chris Chu - Parent Governor

Yang Chu completed his MSc in Management of Projects and he then completed his doctorate in Project Finance and Risk Management at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering in the University of Manchester in 2007. He undertook post-doctoral work at the Manchester Business School. He also worked for three years in the Oxford School of Hospitality management and the InterContinental Hotels Group for a major hotel industry Enterprise Risk Management project. He is now Risk Manager with the InterContinental Hotels Group. 

 Mrs Amy Doody - Co-opted Governor

Hello my name is Amy and I have worked at Bourne Primary School as clerk to the governing board for the last two years. It has been great getting to know all the wonderful staff and governors. I have enjoyed supporting the board as clerk and am looking forward to expanding on this support in a different way. I hope my experience and knowledge of school governance will be of use to the school to support their vision and values to create an inspiring pupil experience for all children. 

Fahad Sayood - Co-opted Governor

Fahad is Head of Aviva’s Financial Risk team, which ensure our customers can feel confident that Aviva is financially robust and resilient to whatever investment markets throw at us.  Aviva’s c.£400bn asset base means getting it right is critical to survival and a fundamental pillar to our growth plans.  At Aviva, Fahad has worked across the Capital, ALM and Risk space, establishing the Group’s £10bn hedging programmes and Derivatives Centre of Expertise, instituting the Group’s first Stress & Scenario testing framework, as well as being a founding virtual member of Aviva Ventures – our start-up incubator. Prior to joining Aviva, Fahad was a derivatives trader at Citigroup, undertaking proprietary equity derivatives trading as well as providing risk management and investment solutions to Citi’s client base.  He also interned at Psion, a producer of iPads before the world eventually realised the need for iPads. 

Beyond work, he is the father of two young children who are fast becoming better at the whole parenting thing than him.  He has much to learn and they are always ready to remind him where he’s going wrong.  Fahad holds an MSc (hons) in Actuarial Finance as well as a BSc in Mathematics both from Imperial College.

Kylie Filson - Staff Governor

I grew up with a real love of school. I had some incredible experiences throughout my schooling because I was lucky enough to have teachers who really loved their jobs. By the age of 7, I already knew that I wanted to become a teacher because I wanted to be ‘THAT person’ who could help others to develop a love for education. My aspirations grew as I got older and I attended The University of the West of Scotland for four years where I achieved a Bachelor of Education Degree with Honours. I have worked hard since graduating and the more time I spent in schools, the more I realised that I wanted to be part of the team in a school who make the decisions, build the ethos and aim to provide all children with a loving and enjoyable school experience. I applied for the role of Deputy Headteacher/ SENCo here at Bourne because when I visited I got a warm and very ‘homely’ feeling while walking around. My intuition told me that this was the place for me. I love coming to work everyday and look forward to greeting families on the gate, spending time in classrooms with children and leading on assemblies. When I reflect on the past, my love for education was instilled in me from a very young age because of the teaching professionals whom I encountered. It has and continues to be my aim here at Bourne. Am I doing it? I really hope so.