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Bourne Primary School

Bourne Primary School

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Sport Premium

From September 2013 the government are allocating funding directly to primary schools to support the provision of quality PE/sport.

Each school will receive £8,982 each year.

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this - (DfE, June 2013)

We are working closely with a number of local primary schools and are supported through a service from The Harefield Academy (secondary school with a Sports Specialism). We have identified key areas to develop to ensure we further develop high expectations in PE and sport for our children.

SPORTS PREMIUM FUNDING FOR 2016/2017 has been spent on:

  • New playground markings - £3,560
  • Staffing costs - £2,450
  • Active week - £3,000
  • New equipment - £500
  • New scheme of work - £350


  • New playground markings meaning children are encouraged to be more active in the playground.
  • 8/9 classes received gymnastics coaching from a fully qualified coach and teachers received training in teaching gymnastics.
  • Through our Active Week, 100% of children in the school participate in a wide variety of activities not accessed through the PE curriculum e.g. archery, climbing, cycling, judo and ice skating.
  • Equipment for EYFS outdoor area to aid early physical development and for other equipment to offer new opportunities to all children (Speed Stacking).






New playground markings


Children to be more active at playtimes.

Playground ‘Zone Managers’ and lunchtime staff encouraging children to use new markings to play more active games.

Markings chosen by school council.

Gymnastics coaching


Children improve basic movement skills and more children meet year group expectations.

Teachers improve skills and develop confidence teaching gymnastics.

8 out of 9 classes have received gymnastics coaching with teachers receiving training from a gymnastics coach.

Over 90% of children meeting expectations.

Specialist Sports (Active Week)


Children to participate in a wide range of sports and activities.

Children participate in a wide variety of sports in addition to those on offer on the curriculum.

Links to local clubs given.

Healthy eating taught too, all leading healthy, active lifestyles in and out of school.

New equipment for EYFS


Increased development of early physical skills.

Children have a greater range of equipment in the outdoor area of EYFS thus having the opportunity to develop more physical skills.

New PE curriculum

£350 (planned)

Wider range of skills development.

Children will access a wider range of sports and games.

Teachers to have access to outstanding planning and assessment resources.

Improved quality of teaching and learning.

Greater number of children meeting and exceeding expectations in a wider range of activities.

Amount at start of year:




Total spent/planned so far:




Total left to carry over:





Sport premium 2017-18