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Bourne Primary School

Bourne Primary School

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Bond Class  Year 1

Weekly assemblies to reflect on at home can be found here!


Join Miss Filson for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Story Time with Miss Filson


Come and enjoy a story by clicking the link below.

Story Time with Miss Filson

Welcome to our Year 1 home learning page. 

Our home learning task will be posted here as PDF files. The activities will be mainly practical but where writing is required, please complete this in your home learning book. If you want to show or record your activities, please use the home learning book. 

Easter holiday



The Easter break starts now!

I hope you have been following our home learning and have enjoyed completing the activities set. Thank you to Taye, Harry and Abby who have shared their learning with us. Great job! Keep up the fantastic work. 

You now have a two week break for the Easter holiday. However, do watch this space for some handwriting tutorials that I will be uploading. These are short videos to help master pencil grip and letter formation. 

And don't forget to check on the spelling sounds: download a list of the sounds we have learned so far and the ones coming up to practise. Here are some pen and paper activities to help with spelling.

Global Citizenship



Here are some ideas to continue with our International Award. Download here

Language Learning



Our Spanish Club has sent through some more activities if you feel like trying out some language learning, plus the ones that were there if you missed them first time!

French geography

French hobbies

Spanish food

Spanish spring

Mandarin Easter


Design a bike



Download details of the bike design activity here and the template here

Online learning



Make sure you continue to go onto the spelling shed, maths shed and maths prodigy. Some revision of split digraphs has been added and number bonds, addition and subtraction for maths. As there are quite a lot of assignments now, you will need to scroll through to see all pages. 

Oxford Owl has lots of exciting e-books available to read online. Register with them at:

You can also continue to follow the ReadWriteInc programme with Oxford Owl. Use the above links to get started.





Click on the link below to see a familiar face reading a very special story.

Harris McCoo and the Rainbow Haggis by Stephen Brown

Don't forget the websites that were on your e-mail. There are some very useful resources available on them.