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I am hoping that all of you- both parents & children- are keeping well and safe during this difficult time. I am definitely missing each and every little one of you in my class!

Please do continue to use the Learning Book App or website to upload any observations or photographs of any activity you undertake at home (even if it's not the topic I have set for that particular week). We will be able to use these photos to continue with our teacher assessments when the school re-opens. 

Weekly assemblies to reflect on at home can be found here!


Join Miss Filson for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Story Time with Miss Filson


Come and enjoy a story by clicking the link below.

Story Time with Miss Filson

Learning book

Week beginning: 30th March 2020

Topic of the week- Easter 

Story: The Easter Story - You Tube

Click on the link below to see a familiar face reading a very special story.

Harris McCoo and the Rainbow Haggis by Stephen Brown

Signs of new life at Easter

What can you see at Easter?

Easter Journal

Phonics sounds 

Recap on all the sounds learnt so far: ay, igh, ee, ow, oo, or, ar, air, ir, ou, oy. RWI Set 2 sounds

Use the websites below to play games in order to continue learning to blend and segment using phonic sounds!

Phonics Play



I hope lots of you have now registered with Oxford Owl online to allow your child to access the free e-books. If not, do have a go as it's free. 

Oxford Owl

Here are some captions and simple sentences you can read with your child linked to our Easter theme. 

Easter phonics rhyming words

Easter early reading comprehension

Easter fair word search


Have a go at writing a list of things you'd find on your Easter treasure hunt. 

Explore your writing further by recording sentences to describe exactly what you found on your treasure hunt. For example, a sentence starter could be "I can find a pink egg under the green swishy swashy grass."

Writing template 


Explore the concept of time using o'clock. Watch the powerpoint below to help Easter bunny get to his destination on time. 

Time- o'clock using Easter bunny

Play the game 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' to help your child learn about telling the time independently. 

Mr Wolf game

Maths challenge

Understanding of the World 

Have a go at doing some experiments to see whether an egg can float in water or if an egg can bounce. It very fun and highly interactive...

Egg science experiments

Creative development 

Here are some ideas for activities you can do with your child at home: 

* Make your own spring lamb using cotton wool, googly eyes and black strips of paper for the legs. 

* Decorate a hard-boiled egg using felt tip pens and create a symmetrical pattern.

* Chocolate writing- melt a bar of chocolate onto a large tray and with your fingers or a thin paintbrush make marks and design a picture of a farm animal.

* Design and make your own Easter cards. These could range from handprint chick cards to a daffodil flower print painting. 

* Decorate and make your own Easter bonnet collage using sticky foam shapes and colouring pencils. 

* Create a rabbit or chick paper plate using a range of crafts such as pompoms, googly eyes, shiny squared paper, coloured wool or string, etc.

* Birds nest collage- cut out a paper plate in half and colour or paint it brown as the nest. Then, add shredded yellow tissue paper on top of it. Add semi circles for the hatched chick babies and use googly eyes as well as yellow beaks. 

* Blossom tree, daffodil or tulip painting.

* Make an Easter basket and add shredded tissue paper. Hide some mini chocolate eggs for the children to find and enjoy eating!

* Easter nest cakes- use shredded wheat, melted chocolate and top up with 3 mini eggs. 

Rabbit 2d shape activity

Design an Easter egg

Chick 2d shape activity

Easter cone animals

Easter themed basket


 Week Beginning: 23rd March 2020

During the school closure, I will be setting activities for you to do at home on a weekly basis. There will be lots of ideas ranging from practical to artistic tasks! I will ensure that the EYFS objectives are covered from across the 7 areas of learning as a result. 

Don't worry if you don't have all the resources available as you can improvise with whatever you have at home. If I suggest a book for the week within our topic, you can access it via the You Tube link I'll provide below.

Learning Book

 Topic of the week- Mrs Pirate 

Story- You Tube

Phonics sounds 

Introduce your child to the new Set 2 sound 'oy' from the Read Write Inc scheme using the links below.

Try to practise them daily and recap on all the old sounds learnt so far- ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou. 

RWI Set 2 sounds

'Oy' Fun Phonics

Phonics Play


Please register for free with the Oxford Owl website to get access to free e-books online to read with your child on a daily basis.   

Oxford Owl

Here are some captions and simple sentences you can read with your child linked to our Pirate topic. 

Pirate sentences

Tricky (red) words


Have a go at writing a list of things you would need to take on board a pirate ship if you had to sail at sea for a long time! It could be your favourite food, a toothbrush and toothpaste, your favourite drink, a cuddly soft toy or chosen activity such as colouring, painting, etc. 

Explore your writing further by writing sentences to describe why you'd take certain items with you. For example, a sentence starter would be;

I will need my grey teddy bear to cuddle at night. 

Writing template


Explore the concept of finding 1 more/ 1 less than a number up to 20.

Use pasta shapes, soft toys, beads, pebbles, flowers, etc. Feel free to use a range of items from the kitchen e.g. spoons, fruit, tin cans, etc. 

Maths challenge

Understanding of the World

Begin to grasp 'floating and sinking' as a scientific concept & understand that this is dependant on the material it is made of (not its weight). Have a look at this powerpoint below and complete the activity. 

Float or Sink Powerpoint

Sensory bottle activity

Creative Development 

Here are some ideas for activities you can do with your child at home:

* Create a pirate small world scene by using sand for the island; shiny blue paper or material for the sea; little figurines as pirates; green palm trees made of cardboard; pebbles or shells; etc. Use a boat or ship to finish off! 

* Fill a tray with sand and hide jewels/shiny coloured pebbles/ gold chocolate coins in for them to find buried treasure. Have a go at using sieves or tweezers to discover the hidden goodies. Count the treasure and put it in a special box!

* Use playdough, lolly sticks and paper to make your own boats or pirate ships.

* Decorate your own pirate flag (drawn with chalk as an outline on black card) by using a range of cutting and sticking materials such as pom poms, small buttons, strips of coloured paper, etc. 

* Create gloop by adding water to cornflour and small amount of blue food colouring. Then, use your imagination and small world pirate figurines, boats and treasure to tell your own pirate story! 

* Use the treasure to freeze into ice cubes (saying 'bad pirates have frozen it) and ask your child to find ways to melt ice to get their treasure back!         

Playdough recipe

Pirate hat

Instruction to make pirate hat

Split pin pirate activity

Stick puppets

Cheese and apple pirate ship recipe